Microsoft Azure customers stories

BeanGo! build a million-traffic
gaming life platform "Beanfun!" based on Azure

BeanGo CO., LTD. is a subsidiary of Gamania. Mainly responsible for beanfun! App services-unified portal for all online games under the group, providing a platform for all-round mobile life.


Beanfun! integrates games, entertainment points, payment, e-commerce, IM communication and interaction, and connects consumption deductions. Through a simple and humanized interface, you can enrich your life. You can join groups from the chat group. Communication makes more fun! Create more exciting possibilities for life!

Microsoft Azure Service:

● Load Balancer

● VM

● MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB

● Azure Redis

● SQL Server

● Azure K8S

BeanGo CO., LTD. founded a pet social app in 2013, but it is facing the influence of market positioning and group transformation. In 2017, it began to transform into a “unified entrance platform for social gaming”. In addition to facing the concatenation of technology and data across different companies, it is also a very serious challenge in the integration of operations, data and systems.

Meet open source and cost-reduction with Azure

Only half a year from the decision to delivery their Beanfun! app, and to ensure that the original game users are “painless” transfer, which is very tight development schedule. Therefore, “modularization”, “extensibility” and “automation” have become the thought center for the development of Beanfun! team. 


In order to achieve this goal, the existing technology, framework, infrastructure, and development process need to be re-examined, all of which are to continue to move forward in limited time, resources, and market changes (user preferences). 


At the same time, the Beanfun! team also believes that with the development of cloud services, the functions are becoming more diverse and complex. Having a professional consultant team to help build the most suitable cloud environment for enterprises can enable the team to focus more on product development and optimize business processes.

Challenges have always existed since development and launch

Faced with 200,000 people logging on at the same time in the first week

Beanfun! Member authentication uses the standard OAuth2 and OpenID mechanisms. In the first week, it served 5 different subsidiaries for member authentication and 500,000 game users to log in. These behaviors test the server hosting and cache matching mechanisms.
The Beanfun! team has planned a new decentralized architecture and caching mechanism 3 months ago, and CloudRiches assisted BeanGo! to adjust the system architecture from the cloud ’s automatic expansion and microservices architecture.

In order to consider the migration and expansion of the “old system”, the cloud architecture is mixed with Azure Container Service (ACS) and VMSS. Through the advance deduction process, BeanGo! and CloudRiches successfully shortened the process of Beanfun! relocation to 3 weeks, and completed the original goal.

Optimize cloud architecture to meet market demand

” In order to have more value-added and creative applications in the game ecosystem, and to meet the market response of users, we need to continue to repair and update products and services.

We have to fix the bugs within a week and complete the development of new functions within two weeks to a month. The update frequency is actually very fast, but the system architecture is not so convenient in the new version. “

In order to solve the above-mentioned problems and meet the needs of Beanfun!’s high-frequency update service, CloudRiches also continued to assist in reviewing and optimizing its cloud architecture. Build an environment that is easier to do microservices, make the release process easier, and scale out easier than the original VMSS.



At the same time, we recommend using scrum technology architecture and Azure DevOps to allow Git Commit to be directly packaged into a container and rolling update via yaml settings. These can save a lot of manpower and let members focus on more important things.

R&D units should also pay attention to cost control

The product is not just developed, but also needs a way of operating collocation activities to attract users to stay. Each event costs a lot of marketing costs, of course, the server also needs to increase or decrease according to the flow of people.


Franma said: “This is not easy, because the source of the cost comes from the number of services used. When each service uses a VM, it is easy to cause waste. The wasted money may be 2 more per month. High-end R & D staff. “

Therefore, BeanGo! uses 9 different microservices, and optimizes the number of servers and programs every week. Franma, Chief Technology Officer of BeanGo! said: “We and the consultant team often discuss which services use IaaS and which services use PaaS, how to open and close the current activity, how to deploy and integrate the next restructuring. All resources are analyzed by quantifying the cost of the system. Transparency allows the team to think differently when thinking about the architecture. “

CloudRiches and BeanGo! collaboration

There are still many activities and optimization projects on the Beanfun! App since its launch. CloudRiches as a professional cloud consultant ( Managed Service Provider ,MSP ) for BeanGo! , we accompany BeanGo to solve their big and small issues on the cloud.

Franma said: “What CloudRiches does for us is not just to migrate VMs to the cloud. In addition to saving time on the cloud, there are a lot of thinking in the transfer process that depends on CloudRiches to help the entire team build, such as a decentralized architecture, Automatic scale-out ,scale in , etc. In addition, after the launch of the cloud, CloudRiches also continued to assist us in optimizing the architecture to reduce management costs, and at the same time can respond and assist in real time according to the needs of the event. “

The overall cooperation benefits include:

  • More flexible use of resources : According to the number of people required in different activities, can respond more quickly and increase or decrease machine specifications at any time.
  • Save management costs : Compared with the local infrastructure, the cloud reduces costs a lot, and IT maintenance manpower is reduced by 70%, allowing BeanGo to invest the saved manpower in other team operations.
  • Improve service update efficiency : BeanGo! can build a complete deployment process, streamline the revision process, and improve efficiency. It takes only 5 minutes to reduce the update version from 2 hours.
CloudRiches is able to plan the optimal cloud architecture and solutions for customers according to their business needs.For BeanGo! or any enterprise, it is necessary to have a cloud management service partner (MSP). In the early, middle, and late stages of the enterprise’s use of the cloud, CloudRiches can be the firmest partner of the company to accompany the development and progress of the enterprise.