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CloudRiches help LAO XIE ZHEN to build blueprint on the cloud to achieve shopping website always「7X24 no shutdown」

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A Chinese traditional dishes” The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall”, let LAO XIE ZHEN who has sold more than 80 years of dried goods out of Dihua Street, into the online channel to embrace the young customer base, and then through the public cloud services to ensure the stability of the official website, successfully grasp every business opportunity from online and offline.

When it comes to “ The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall”, many people’s first thought is LAO XIE ZHEN, the top brand in the market of Chinese New Year dishes, who sell 200,000 cups of “ The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall” in 3 months that was an amazing result, they relied not only on innovative marketing strategy, but also Omni-channel arrangement, from cooperation with convenience store to provide pre-orders services, go forward to the volume channel, to the official website establishment for the e-commerce market, then through Microsoft Azure cloud services to ensure the stability of official website to successfully grasp every business opportunities from online and offline channel.

With the changes in consumer eating habits, the century-old brand continuing to transform
Irene Ting, the public relations associate of LAO XIE ZHEN, pointed out that LAO XIE ZHEN has been established nearly 90 years of history, constantly adjusting the content of products in these times, each adjustment was following the changes with consumer eating habits.

In the initial ear of monopolizing dried goods, people were willing to buy dried goods to cook by themselves, then in the generation of our parents were directly buying dried goods which already soaked into the water to home for cooking, and now for the younger generation of consumer groups need to provide the frozen prepared food which only need to heat, to meet the needs of consumers want convenient and fast. and the first frozen prepared food launched by LAO XIE ZHEN was “The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall”, after that, they continuously launched different type of Chinese New Year dishes, such as chicken soup, ginseng pot with beef brisket and others.

Not only the serious of Chinese New Year dishes, LAO XIE ZHEN was starting the new brand which named “TOMMI ” in recent years, to suit the daily consumption of rice burgers, soup and other products, appeal to different target markets. At the same time, also shoot the modern people’s attention to healthcare, one after another to launch tonic type products, such as chicken essence, ginseng essence, beauty drink and so on.

Besides the pursuit diversified development of products, in the path end, LAO XIE ZHEN are focusing on the Omni-channel. After all, now is the digital generation, do not to miss the online shopping which is important selling model if you want to grasp the hearts of young people. Now, LAO XIE ZHEN is aggressively expanding the e-commerce business, not only to the official website as the main online sales channels, but also promoting on the mainstream e-commerce platform, like Momo, PChome and others.
Celebrity effect with instant traffic LAO XIE ZHEN kicks of the “On Cloud Project”
There are many key points to drive e-commerce business successfully, but in the experience of LAO XIE ZHEN, the stability of the website service is definitely the most top priorities, once the shopping website crash, just like the physical store closed and it may lost many opportunities.
Irene Ting, the public relations associate of LAO XIE ZHEN. Photo by Business Next
Irene Ting shared, in the past, LAO XIE ZHEN official website occasionally will be an instantaneous influx of huge traffic to cause the website speed slowly and even crash. Among them, the most impressive one is that before artist Vivian Hsu becoming a brand spokesperson, she initiative shared the photo to show how she use essence of chicken made by LAO XIE XHEN for intensive care, and less than an hour after this post, immediately poured into about 3 to 5 times the usual traffic in official website, although tasted the taste of overnight red, but website also crashed for 3-4 hours since it can’t afford such a huge traffic, LAO XIE ZHEN lost a lot of business opportunities in the end.

“This experience is a very good experience for LAO XIE ZHEN.” Irene Ting explained. In the past, whether it was offline or online marketing activities, traffic was slowly pouring into the official website, but with the community and e-commerce connects more and more closely, the community of celebrities or KOS who posts on Internet, it is possible to be an instantaneous influx of huge traffic into the website, if not to ensure the stability of the website services, not only lost business opportunities, but also may receive consumer complaints, the negative impact on the brand image.
CloudRiches assist from the website, ERP to VM gradually achieve the goal of digital transformation
As a result, LAO XIE ZHEN migrated the official website host to Microsoft Azure in 5 to 6 years ago, The characteristic of Azure is can automatically adjust the use of capacity, to ensure that e-commerce services can operate steadily to avoid the risk of the shutdown caused by the instantaneous traffic.

YAO-JIE WANG, the information team manager of the marketing department in LAO XIE ZHEN, pointed out that after deciding to choose Microsoft Azure cloud service, final decision to cooperate with CloudRiches with a multi-party selection, let CloudRiches to plan the best suitable cloud architecture for LAO XIE ZHEN, and through their cloud management platform to monitor the usage of each service in each month and check if there has any issue.
YAO-JIE WANG, the information team manager of the marketing department in LAO XIE ZHEN. Photo by Business Next

“Go cloud saving at least half of the hardware construction costs for LAO XIE ZHEN ” , YAO-JIE WANG generous sharing on the benefits of cloud migration. More importantly, e-commerce performance growth year by year, but the costs of IT management have not increased significantly, relatively can raise the company’s profitability, and let IT staff do not have to repair the host and struggle to run for their lives. YAO-JIE WANG said in the past, meet every festival or need to hold large-scale promotional activities, IT staff have to work overtime on standby, in order to fix immediately when website crashed. Now, IT can fix them remotely after migrated to the cloud.

After the website host move to the cloud, LAO XIE ZHEN gradually moved SAP ERP system and virtual machine to Microsoft Azure. And therefore, last year (2020) between March and April when the COVID-19 was tense, LAO XIE ZHEN can quickly to kick of simulation exercises, let employees through VPN to the cloud host, smoothly integration of the work from home (WFH) model. In the future, they plans to deploy Azure artificial intelligence solutions to analyze customers or production materials to optimize operational results.

Consultants of CloudRiches recommend that enterprise need to step by step when they kick off the digital transformation nd leverage vendor experience to minimize difficulties in the transformation process. Photo by Business Next
Based on the “Go Cloud” experience of the LAO XIE ZHEN, CloudRiches mentioned two key points for Taiwan enterprises to kick off the digital transformation. The first is to clarify each phase of the goal, what problems need to be solve, just like LAO XIEN ZHEN from the beginning of the official website to the recent SAP go cloud (SAP on Azure), step by step to adopt cloud services. The second is to find a professional experience of cloud consulting service providers, reduce the deployment process of various problems, and smoothly enjoy the benefits of cloud transformation.

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